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Product No.: FBS100012 Purity: 95%+
CAS No.: 28871-61-6 Brand: Fluoroblocks
Molecular Formula: C4H11SiF Molecular Weight: 0
English Name: (Fluoromethyl)trimethylsilane
Chinese Name: 氟甲基三氟甲基硅烷

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Solubility   Sparingly Soluble (0.49 g/L) (25 ºC), Calc.*
Density   0.782±0.06 g/cm3 (20 ºC 760 Torr), Calc.*
Boiling point   63.3±15.0 ºC (760 Torr), Calc.*
Flash point   -7.9±20.4 ºC, Calc.*