Fluoroblocks is a fluoropharmaceutical building block R & D company, which service for the global and headquartered in China.

Fluoroblocks founded in January of 2014, and established by six scientists who have overseas pharmaceutical research background in the field of domestic well-known and fluorine chemistry. Now develop to 54 staff, including 2 doctors, 31 masters and 1 registered accounts.

Our company located  in Floor 9-10, Building A, Great-Well Squre, Zhuantang Economy & Technology Park , Hangzhou,zhejiang,China .We have 1200㎡ laboratory and 400㎡ professional chemistry warehouse. Completely quality system, archives system as well as sales system ,drives our company rapidly and healthy development.

Our company spent more than $500,000 in advanced machines purchasing in order to control the products quality and monitor the reacting process.

Fluoroblocks mainly engaged in the development and marketing of the fluorine-containing block. Currently we set up as many as 3,914 kinds of fluorine-containing block portfolio, providing convenience for the development of a fluorine-containing medicine. Fluoroblocks has advantages of lines in Fluoromethyl, difluoromethyl &trifluoromethyl reagent development. While in the scale of customization, Fluoroblocks will provide the capacity of 50 tons per month in the cooperated factory of Dafeng,Jiangshu  and  Shangyu,Zhejiang. 

Adhering to the rigorous research and development personnel idea, the products or services that  Fluoroblocks Provided are all pass through internal quality control process before delivery to the customer.